Our Milk

Only our own milk is used in producing in our range of fresh and aged, goat and sheep hard cheeses.

The milk and cheeses change during the season, depending on what the animals are eating and the stage of lactation. No standardisation happens here.

And because we milk our own animals, we know our milk cannot be any fresher and cleaner for cheese making. Milk goes directly from the animals to onsite processing, without the need for transportation and resulting aeration.

Fresh Goat Milk

Chilled immediately down to 2-3 degrees, it has a light nutty taste without any 'goaty' taint.

It is able to be heat-treated to pasteurising temperature - typically 68.1degC for two minutes. This extends the storage life of the milk, and prevents any unpleasant flavour developing.

There is limited availability of our goat milk by arrangement at $4.50 per litre. Legal requirements restrict us to a maximum of 5 litres per household. Contact us for details.

It is ideal as a substitute for those with reactions to cow's milk, and is great for those wishing to make their own cheeses and yoghurt.

Goat's milk is available from mid September until early April.

Fresh Sheep Milk

Our sheep milking season is late September until early January.

Contact us for availability.

Sheep milk is rich and high yielding but milk volumes are low. Increasing milking genetics in the flock will improve production and lengthen the season.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of both sheep and goat milk are now widely recognised.

Easily digested.

Goat milk is higher in protein and lower in fat (with a higher level of good fats) than cow's milk.

Sheep milk is high in proteins, minerals, B and D group vitamins, and all 10 essential amino acids. Being rich in medium chain triglycerides, it is easily metabolised within the body.

Numerous studies confirm what many cultures throughout the world have known for centuries about the health benefits of goat and sheep milk.